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WHY ??

Why Personal Driver?

Hire a car with driver in india is ideal for independent travelers who want flexibility and control over their itineraries and organizing there own trip can be time consuming, frustrating, difficult and tiring, Getting lost at night, meeting a con artist or getting Delhi belly, are not things you need to spoil your holiday.  You'll be able to stop at places that interest you and not have to worry about how to get around.

Hire a car with driver  eases the worries of getting train tickets or negotiating crowded platforms, Having a car with driver gives you immense flexibility, leave a city at the time you like and make as many unscheduled stops en route as you want.

Personal Driver also a Guide ?
Personal drivers don't act as guides, they will take care of your itinerary, get you to each destination, and answer general questions, they won't accompany you inside monuments and attractions though, a Personal driver can give you a wealth of information about life in India and help you understand the ‘real India.  Personal driver take you to good restaurants, nice places, and up to the monument ticket window, as well as give you relevant information about your trip. 

Would a Driver Speak English ?
Yes we have English speaking driver and knowledgeable about the important sights in a place, and also some of the lesser known ones.  He can direct you to restaurants that are safe and clean according to your budget.

Where Does Driver Eat and Sleep ?
Drivers are provided with a daily allowance (usually a few hundred rupees) by their employers to cover the cost of their food and accommodations. Some hotels offer separate accommodations specifically for drivers.

Are Driver flexible.?
Yes totally flexible, If you need a food, drink or washroom stop, or just want to stretch your legs or stop and look at something that interests you there is no problem.  Personal driver are particularly helpful if you are travelling with children or the elderly.

What is Tipping a Driver? 
Is it necessary and how much? Your driver will definitely expect a tip. Depending on how happy you are with his services, 300 to 500 rupees per day is reasonable, you can give more if you wish.

It is recommended to book your car with driver before you arrive in India. 
However, if you're planning on exploring various destinations in a state such as Rajasthan and Golden Triangle- ( Delhi,  Agra, Jaipur ) and around north India,  then hire a car with driver makes the most sense.

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